About Us

In the heart of Cape Coral, Florida, nestled under the blazing sun, there is a small, colorful shop that radiates joy and delicious aromas. Its name, proudly displayed in bright lights, reads, "Wild About Popcorn." This unique establishment was the brainchild of Julie Caracappa, a woman whose heart was as warm as the Florida sun itself.

Julie's journey to becoming the proud owner of Wild About Popcorn was nothing short of extraordinary. For 30 years, she had dedicated her life to being a pediatric emergency room nurse. Every day, she witnessed the tears and fears of young patients and their families, and she became determined to bring smiles to their faces.

One fateful day, after a particularly tough shift, Julie decided it was time for a change. She had always been an adventurous soul, and she yearned for a new way to spread happiness. That's when the idea of a popcorn shop took root in her heart. She envisioned a place where people could forget their worries and immerse themselves in the simple pleasure of delicious, unique flavors.

Julie dove headfirst into her popcorn adventure, experimenting tirelessly in her small kitchen. Her passion was relentless, and she knew that every kernel she popped had to be a burst of happiness. Each recipe was a labor of love, and she never stopped until she was satisfied.

Wild About Popcorn quickly became a beloved local treasure, and its reputation spread like wildfire. Julie and her team pop seven days a week, using only the finest ingredients to ensure that every batch was a mouthwatering masterpiece. The popcorn is always fresh, and Julie has a bold guarantee: "100% satisfaction, or your money back!"

The shop's menu is a kaleidoscope of flavors. From the original Sea Salt Caramel, which is a perfect blend of sweet and savory, to the outrageous Sour Patch popcorn that tantalizes taste buds with its zesty twist, there is something to suit every palate. Customers come from all walks of life, drawn by the promise of a delightful experience.

What makes Wild About Popcorn truly special is the atmosphere within its walls. The moment customers step through the door, they are greeted with Julie's warm smile and a sense of belonging. It doesn't matter who they are or where they come from; in this cozy corner of Cape Coral, everyone is equal, and everyone leaves with a smile.

As the Florida sun dips below the horizon, casting a warm glow over the shop, Julie knows that she has created more than just a business. Wild About Popcorn is a place where smiles bloom, friendships flourish, and dreams pop to life, one kernel at a time.